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We put love into what we do.

One of the most important things we can do is to know ourselves. At PEACE OF CLOTH, we’re a family of individuals, working together in a warm and coherent way in order to accomplish the tasks at hand. We make clothing, true and put love into everything we do.

Organizations we love dearly.

For many years, way before PEACE OF CLOTH began, most of our staff had worked together at Garfield & Marks.  We continue to work closely and dearly with Cure By Design, as part of the American Cancer Society and with Dress For Success. Alex Garfield began Cure By Design in 1998 and has been a World Wide Board Member of Dress For Success for 17 years. Business partner Jaime Nortman and the PEACE OF CLOTH staff have supported Alex in his efforts all along the way.

What makes us unique.

What makes PEACE OF CLOTH clothing unique that it is manufactured in New York City!  It is unique that the clothing does fit so many different body types so well. Our long time clientelle expect a perfect fit. It is the LOVE we put into each and every item that adds warmth to what we do. It gives the wearer something to consider every time she puts on PEACE OF CLOTH clothing.