• Apr 25, 2016
  • by Vicky Rocco

Every season new fashion trends take over our closet and we enjoy every second of it. Now that Spring has officially Sprung we can officially say it is time to look at the spring fashion trends and pick our favorite. This spring the rules have changed and it's all about color. Every spring since the year of 2008 the runways of New York have been filled with bright colors and lots of floral print.

However, this year we have taken note how the runways have been captivated by deeper earth tones such has burgundy, green and even brown. These colors are usually show cased in the fall collections. Nonetheless, these colors are now taking over our Spring fashion and we are ready to share them with you. Here are 6 Fashion Trends that are taking over Spring 2016.

Sequins and Sparkles

Time to make a statement wherever you go with some sequins and sparkle. Try pairing a sequins blouse with a dark denim for a casual look or wear a burgundy tone sequins dress for a more festive look. You will be able to come across sequins everywhere this spring from pants to dresses even on blazers.

The key to wearing sequins and sparkle is balancing them out with a neutral tone item. Such as a nude blazer like our Celeste Cardigan in Shimmer Twill over a sequin top.


Remember how your mother would put you in a full ruffled dress as a child and you absolutely hated it? Well ruffles are back and they are coming in a big way. Designers such a Carolina Herrera and Zack Zimmerman were all spotted on the runway with at least one piece that carried ruffles. Ruffles will be coming in different fabrics as well such as chiffon and silk to give the clothing a more feminine look.

Ruffles can be wore everywhere as they are appropriate for any occasion and give any woman a flirty look to her.

Bold Stripes


Stripes are making their comeback this spring as well and not any kind of stripes. Bold colorful stripes. This spring you will be able to find out bright stripes on clothing such as shirts, pants and dresses. Stripes are coming in strong for everyday wear. However, they are not the easiest pattern to wear. Wearing striped pants such as our Twiggy Skinny Jean - Symphony Stripe can be a simple way to incorporate stripes into your everyday attire.

Try pairing a bold striped blouse with a simple jean skirt to balance out the pattern on the blouse and make you look ready for any occasion while being very much on trend.

Exposed Shoulders


Last year it was all about having your back be the main focus. This year let your shoulder do all the talking for you. You will start to notice many fashion pieces will have your shoulders exposed. This Spring 2016 exposed shoulders is considered to be the modern sex appeal.

Try wearing an off the shoulder top with a pop of color and keeping the rest of your attire as neutral as possible. You want your shoulders to be the star of the show.

Puffy Skirts

womens skirts

Puffy skirts have been seen on every runway show this spring. From different colors to different styles and clothing material. There is no doubt the puffy skirt is making a come back in a very big way.

The key to wearing a puffy skirt and wearing it well. Is by playing with bright colors. Our Jillian Skirt comes in multiple colors and styles. You want your skirt to steal the show while being in contrast with the rest of your attire.

Blue and Orange

The colors of this spring that will be very much on trend are blue and orange. Now may be the time to pull out your old mets cap and go for a run while being on trend. Blue and orange, together will be showcased in many fashion pieces such as hats, skirts, dresses and even skirts. You will be able to see this color combination almost everywhere as the fashion world has declared them the IT colors for spring.

Try wearing this color combination in a subtle manner at first and see how you like the look. Many times we do not try a fashion trend because we are worried about how it will look on us. By trying a trend in a subtle manner, you will get a feel for it without it being too much for you.

Which trend are you excited to try? Visit our collections for more garments to complete your spring attire.