• Feb 09, 2016
  • by George Sprousse

When traveling, it’s extremely important to feel comfortable while at the same time being stylish. Is that even possible? It certainly is, as long as you opt for the right pieces of clothing.

But how do you find those clothes that mirror your unique style and allow you the comfort of your sweats? Because let’s admit it, a pair of jeans, for example, can never be that comfortable. That’s why, in this article, we are going to focus on picking the perfect traveling pants for women. Thus, if you wish to travel anytime soon, and want to look your best, keep on reading.


Stick to the basics

You can never go wrong with a classic yet fashionable outfit. And this can be easily achieved with the basic jasmine pant from Peace of Cloth, which is typically the perfect pair of pants you can wear from morning until evening. They come in various colors, ranging from the classic black, to brown, silver, and others. They’re light, waistband free and perfect for any outfit.

They make a great option for comfortable traveling, while looking very stylish. Given the fact that they’re so versatile, you can either wear them with flats, sneakers, boots, sandals, anything you could think of – depending on the season and your personal preference. With the right accessories, you can pull off a fancy evening outfit as well. What more could you ask for a pair of pants?

Comfort and sophistication

The Christy pant paramount kit is the ideal clothing item if you wish your outfit to be equally comfortable and sophisticated. Being tailored to a delicate pattern, they shape your figure nicely, making you look your best. Plus, they are super comfy, and you can move as you please while wearing them, which makes them ideal for your traveling outfit!

It encompasses a couple of pintuck seaming details that make the item more stylish, and they come in multiple colors, besides the classic black and white, including merlot, and navy. Whether you choose to pair them with an oversized casual sweater or a tailored office shirt, these pants are versatile, fashionable and comfortable.



The Christy pant blossom twill from Peace of Cloth works perfectly with every casual outfit you can think of. They fit superbly on the leg, being suitable for basically every figure. They have a couple of details that add up a unique style to the clothing item – faux zipper pockets. Being 94 percent cotton, they are super comfy, and the 6 percent spandex makes them fit your leg perfectly while allowing you plenty of flexibility to move around.


Go with jeggings

If you wish to opt for ultimate comfort, our Jade Jegging knight prints are the perfect choice for pulling together a comfy outfit. Still, choosing this pair of jeggings allows you to make a fashion statement, as there are plenty of trendy prints you can choose from. Combine these jeggings with a long cardigan or a casual blouse, and you’ll feel stylish, yet comfortable.