• Feb 09, 2016
  • by George Sprousse

peace of cloth pants

We have to admit that finding the perfect pair of pants to fit your figure perfectly can be quite challenging. Still, don’t despair, there’s that perfect pair of pants for every woman out there, you just have to know what to look for.

Luckily for you, our collection of pants at Peace of Cloth encompasses a myriad of models for all figures, tall, petite, pear-shaped, curvy and skinny. Keep on reading to find out which suits your body type best.

The black, perfect fit

Every woman’s wardrobe should have a classic pair of perfectly fitted black pants. The right pair of black pants can genuinely slim your figure and, as a bonus, they typically go with anything.

The Christy pant blossom twill from Peace of Cloth looks fabulous on the leg and is the perfect addition to your wardrobe whether you’re the tall, skinny, pear-shaped, curvy or petite type.

Flare pants for slimming effects

Our Vera pant estate sateen is more than ideal for women with a small waist, who wish to add a slimming effect to the lower half of their body. This item does this successfully, by highlighting your waist. It can be worn with leather jackets, patterned tops and elegant shirts, being a versatile addition to your wardrobe. These pants are classic, and they’ll always be stylish, helping you look lady-like and attractive.

For best slimming results, we advise you to pair this pant with high-heels – you will look taller and skinnier.

christy pants


The leg-lengthener for petite figures

The Christy pant paramount kit presents an extra slimming effect on your body and is flattering for all figures. The front seam that expands in the middle of the leg from bottom to waist creates a long, slimming line, which adds a couple of inches to your height.

For this reason, we recommend this type of pant for petite figures in particular. Still, they typically flatter any figure for a change. You could combine it with anything you might think of, and make a stylish, fashionable appearance.


Straight pants – a suitable choice for all figures

If you wish to look leggier, you can achieve that by opting for our Jezzebelle pant bliss twill. This item will make you look taller while highlighting your small waist and minimizing the lower part of your body.

This article is smart enough so you could successfully wear it to work with an elegant jacket, but it’s also casual when paired with a flowy shirt during summer. When accompanied by a couple of high-heels, this combo can truly make marvels for pear-shaped or petite women. If you’re not tall, we suggest that you opt for straight long pants with heels that will create the impression that you are much taller and skinnier.

Straight body figure

If your body figure is overall straight, we recommend you create some curves by opting for our Steffany pant princess stretch. This item is ideal for boyish figures, as it can make them look curvier and more attractive.

Another suggestion would be opting for our Jezebelle pant museum check, which adds volume to the lower part of your body, given the light-colored pattern of the pant.

All in all, regardless of your body shape, our collection of pants at Peace of Cloth fulfills your needs and expectations. We sincerely aim at helping you highlight your best body traits and look your best. Thanks for stopping by!