• Mar 01, 2016
  • by George Sprousse

There aren’t many kind things that can be said about the cold season, but one thing fashion lovers are excited about is the opportunity to show off their layering skills. You get to play around with different pieces in different styles, textures, and colors in order to create a new look that expertly displays the diversity of your outfit, in all its glory. In certain climates, layering is a necessity (hello Canada, New York and most of Europe!), but layering can definitely be regarded as a strong fashion statement. How often do you get to wear an outfit that is both chic and comfortable?


If you’ve never tried layering before, perhaps this is your chance to start out and see how you like it. Layering is all about adding visual interest to an outfit, and that can be done by pairing different garments together and on top of each other, to obtain a new look that can be more polished or an organized, eclectic chaos. It is entirely up to you and your personal style. Why don’t you try swapping your regular thick knit sweater for something more interesting? Wear a white long-sleeve shirt as a base – this will act as your neutral backdrop. Now, you can add a shawl or cardigan and a jacket on top of it all.

Office style

If you work in an academic or corporate environment, that doesn’t mean that you are stuck in boring, basic suits. You can still layer, albeit in a more restricted way, when it comes to style. For example, take your basic office shirt. White, gray, or in pastel colors, in more relaxed environments, it doesn’t seem like it leaves much room to play. But you can actually put a sweater on top, work with checkered blazers, or even vests. As long as you use the same color palette, you can still express yourself through your outfit and allow yourself to be creative. When your freedom is restricted, it’s all about the office-appropriate patterns and different textures.

Fun Casual

It's time to let loose and create whatever kind of ensemble you want, no matter how crazy or colorful. Florals, color blocking, sequins, short sleeves over long sleeves, and patterns that look like they don’t really go together – you’re free to mix and match according to your own tastes and aesthetic. That might mean layering colorful shirts or keeping it monochrome, with different textures thrown in for fun. Especially when the temperature dips below 0 degrees Celsius, any extra layer is important, so why not make it fashionable?

Layering can be an intimidating technique if you’re not used to taking risks with your sartorial choices. After all, it is only recently that eclectic layering has been accepted as chic and attractive. At its core, layering offers dimension and visual interest to any outfit. You can save any basic outfit by simply piling more stuff on! Yes, it’s that simple. They can all be used together or separately to layer and give depth to your look. If you’re new to layering and don’t think that you can pull it off, you just need to take it slow. Start out small, with some basic, monochrome layering and then work your way to more elaborate and outrageous choices for maximum comfort and impact.