• Mar 23, 2016
  • by Vicky Rocco

peace of cloth pants and skirts


With Spring just around the corner and Summer not far behind (yay!), it's time to start thinking about the seasonal prints and colors that are brought to life this time of year. One of the most popular - if not the most popular- prints for these seasons is floral. It tops many women's lists of the ideal print to wear because of its feminine elements. It makes women feel feminine and flirty, chic and cute, pretty and stylish. There is no shortage of floral women's clothing to choose from.

So how can you wear floral this Spring and Summer and make sure it gets the attention it deserves? There are three easy ways to wear the print and make a fashion statement that gets people talking about you- in a good way! Whether your style is subtle, or you like a bit of pizzazz, you'll find that it's really simple to take your floral to fabulous.


Pair With Basics

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If you want a floral piece to be the focus of your outfit, an easy way to do that is to pair it with pieces that don't steal its limelight. Let's say you're wearing our Casey Crop Jean in Carolina Bloom to a casual lunch date. You'll want to go with a basic top in a neutral color that has little to no embellishments. A classic tee in white or black would work well, and will accomplish the relaxed look you're going for. This will make the print the star of the show.

Likewise, don't add any over the top shoes or accessories to the ensemble. A simple sandal or canvas sneaker is all that you need. Stud earrings won't do any damage, so feel free to wear a pair, and an everyday bag will complete the ensemble nicely.


Concentrate on One Color

You can play around a bit with color if you're not big on basics. The Casey Crop Jean in the Bouquet print. is cheery while remaining sophisticated. With the variety of colors throughout the print, you can easily choose one focal color to play up with accessories.

Instead of wearing the jean with a plain tee, choose a color from the palette and add pieces that match. Like the purple? Dazzle with purple jewelry. Digging the orange? Throw on an orange cardigan. Is yellow a good color on you? A yellow floppy hat would be adorable. When you only draw attention to one of the colors used, you pull the look together without taking away from the overall design.


Accessorize With Florals

Many women like wearing skirts in the warmer months. They love getting those legs all tan and then showing them off (any excuse to hit the beach, right?). If you prefer skirts over pants you can enjoy the same floral print with the Jillian Skirt. The A-line silhouette adds a bit of flare and the lightweight fabric makes it easy to wear.

Up your feminine quotient by adding floral accessories to your ensemble. Drape a floral bangle over your wrist. Carry a floral handbag. A scarf in a floral is an easy and versatile way to add an extra touch of the spring and summer staple print. By choosing accessories in a corresponding design, you'll enhance your look, keep the floral theme going and still not take away from the cohesive element.

With skirts, you can be a bit more daring with your shoe choice. A low to mid heel is great for dressier occasions, or a pair of cork wedges would look fabulous!

As you start packing away those Fall pieces to make room in your closet for Spring and Summer ones, keep in mind that floral is a traditional, seasonal print that never goes out of style. If you can find pieces that work for both spring and summer, that you can mix and match to wear multiple times, you'll be able to rock a new look every week!