Guide to Fabrics

We offer an array of versatile fabrications that meet all the needs of the modern woman. Our carefully chosen textiles convey an opulent look and feel with focus on longevity and minimal maintenance. 

  • Many of our fabrics provide stretch and resiliency.
  • Most fabrics are season-less and can transition through changes in weather.
  • Many of our fabrics are washable (with the exception of items containing a lining).
  • Most of our fabrics are wrinkle free, or wrinkle resistant, making them ideal for travel.
  • We offer many different colors, prints and patterns. 

The below guide outlines fabrications both current and discontinued. Sometimes, when a fabric has been discontinued, it has been replaced with an upgraded version. Other fabrics were seasonal specialties for a limited time only. 


Browse the list below to find the fabric that best suits your needs.

If you already own a Peace of Cloth garment and love the fabric, you can use the garment's style # to identify it. The style # is located on the white care label that is down the inner side seam of each garment, usually about 3". Each style # begins with 2 or 3 digits. Those digits indicate the fabric. You can find the fabric code listed on the guide below.


Style # 49P112

49 = Fabric Code

P = Pant

112 = Style of Pant

 *Always refer to the care label inside your garment for exact instructions pertaining to that specific style. Some garments include lining or other structural components that cannot be machine washed.