How to Travel in Style with Peace Of Cloth Garments

Traveling? Not sure what to pack? Let’s explore some essential items/outfits that will make traveling in style a breeze.

The Travel Outfit

When traveling, the journey to your destination can be difficult especially when you're hopping from one climate to another. With all the hiccups involved in traveling, it’s often tough to pick out the perfect outfit to wear. Whether you are driving across the country or by plane, you want an outfit that is comfortable, versatile, and stylish. Our top recommendations and tips for the perfect travel outfit include:

Tops. When traveling it is always best to create a layered look. A layered outfit gives you the flexibility to remove layers in the event of temperature changes, messy spills or simply as a measure of comfort. A simple buttoned top with a jacket or cardigan is ideal.

travel jackets for women

Pants. Casual pants are definitely the way to go when traveling. There is a wide selection of travel pants for women – from jeans to jeggings. They are the embodiment of comfort and style while traveling. Cuts such as solid jeggings or skinny trousers, can create a look that will ensure a great first impression. Both pant styles are trendy and can be matched with a variety of tops, jackets, shoes and accessories.

travel pants for women

The style of outfits you choose to pack is going to depend primarily on your destination and your purpose. You will want to pack essential pieces that can be worn to a diverse group of events/destinations. Browse our favorites that are perfect for getaways.

getaway outfits
Printed skirts: Stylish and versatile. They can be dressed up or down and hide any wrinkles you may encounter during your travels (in case you do not have an iron available).

Jeggings: Who doesn’t enjoy a great pair of jeggings? Relax and comfort during your trip

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