About Us


Peace of Cloth is modern sophistication in an array of versatile styles for both casual and career wear. We keep it simple with elegant, transitional styles that perform season after season. Our superb fitting jackets and pants offer fine quality fabrications in a wide selection of colors and styles to fit every woman's wardrobe. We are also proud of the work we have done and continue to do with Dress For Success and Cure By Design, making a difference in the lives of others one garment a time! We put lots of love into everything we do and want our customers to enjoy their clothes as much as we love making them, so let us help you find your perfect fit with Peace of Cloth!


Peace of Cloth is a community of individuals working together to deliver quality products while employing fashion as a vehicle to make a positive influence in the lives of others. While best known as a line of impeccably fitting fashion staples for the modern lady, Peace of Cloth truly exemplifies something even greater, approaching all aspects of business and philanthropy with a savvy head and caring heart.

Founded in 2006 by Alex Garfield and Jaime Nortman, and sprouted from Alex’s renowned partnership at Garfield & Marks, Peace of Cloth has since grown to representation in hundreds of specialty stores throughout the US, as well as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus Direct, and the world of e-commerce. The company’s ever expanding success lends itself to Alex and Jaime’s focused and well-balanced approach to customer service, design, sales and philanthropy.

In terms of fashion, Peace of Cloth is modern sophistication in an array of versatile styles for both casual and career wear. The collection is grounded in consistent fit and function, presented in classic silhouettes and elegant fabrications that are diverse and transitional. Peace of Cloth boasts the ideal style for any shape with superb fitting pants, jackets, skirts and shorts offered in a variety of fabrics and colors that are luxurious, washable, season-less and ideal for travel. Produced with a careful needle and textiles sourced mainly from France, Peace of Cloth brings fine quality and luxury to women seeking sophistication in their everyday style.

Peace of Cloth also stands is an advocate of self-worth, family and community. The proof lies in long standing relationships with fabric mills, employees, customers, and charitable organizations. As a long standing board member of Dress for Success and co-founder of Cure by Design in conjunction with the American Cancer Society, Alex Garfield has propelled Peace of Cloth into the forefront of businesses who give back to the community in style! On a smaller scale, every Peace of Cloth garment is made with love and the “affirmation labels” placed inside each pant and jacket give the wearer a positive message to consider every time she puts them on.






"Peace, love and happiness" is the only adage to capture the true spirit of Alex. His love and devotion to his beautiful son, Liam, and his precious dogs, Lester and Cooper is boundless. His friends and family are an integral part of his life. Peace of Cloth is Alex's pure spirit of intent to bring women classic styling, simplicity and individuality. His constant ability to evolve has given Peace of Cloth it's rhythm and energy.
Alex's greatest wish is to make the world a better place so, "all we are saying is give Peace a chance."


Alex’s (and many other’s) most reliable friend, Jaime, was a part of Garfield & Marks before Alex Garfield! She has been a powerful partner in all of their ventures together ever since. Jaime holds the keys to the Kingdom.She’s the well filled with answers….most of them anyway. And when we want something to happen, the fires to burn, it’s Jaime who will stoke the flame.


We ship some clothing
Tryin’ to make a penny
Someone’s gotta do the books
Might as well be Lennie

I catch her smilin’ when I walk out and about
Her eyes open wide when someone might shout
She cares about us, her family at work
And sometimes she keeps me from being a jerk


Starr, also a Garfield & Marks veteran of 9 years, is the greatest customer service person because she actually loves to serve. Once we began to introduce Starr to clients in our showroom and at local trade shows her head could have swelled due to all the warm, kind, and professional comments everyone was making. Instead, Super Starr just smiles, turns bright red, and excuses herself. Starr is my sister-type playmate in the office, laughing when I whack her in the back of the head. She’s sweet, strong and powerfully important to the success of our company.


We’re Boomers, ‘X’, Millennials and Generation ‘Y’
It’s said Boomers made it easy for their kids not to try
Now supposedly there’s Gen Silent and Generation ‘Z’
Who’ve got to have the courage to not just let things be
We’ve been blessed with a Millennial who's brighter than the pale
She’s charming, sweet and fits right in, introducing Vicky Vale…..