From Summer To Fall Women's Style Guide 2015

It’s that time of a year again. The fall. The season of the fashionista.

Leather boots. Form-fitting twill. Comfy turtlenecks. Warm V-neck sweaters. Blanket scarves. Cuffed jackets. Wool lined joggers. Oversized jewelry. Colorful floral prints. Decorative pleated scarfs. Layers, on layers, on layers. It is time to relish in all things related to this festive season.

To help you get started with selecting your new favorite pieces, we have compiled a list of the latest fall fashion trends. 

Totally Layered. The classic layered look – so multifaceted and adaptable. With the layered look you can never really get too hot or cold and you are always in-vogue. Mix and match jackets, tops, jeggings, skirts and trousers with in a variety of textures colors, lengths and patterns to create a unique look. For example, you can sport a comfy sweater with a simple jacket and pair it with a printed skirt. There are so many possibilities.    

Celeste Cardigan - Paramount Knit

$ 319.00


 Jerry Pant - Heritage Twill

$ 165.00





Ruth Shirt Jacket- Paramount Knit

$ 320.00


The Classic Jegging. Jeggings are perfect for the fall. They complement any layered look, come in various styles and colors, and feel so good when you are wearing them. An oversized jacket and calf-high boots is a simple, yet modern paring for this staple item. 

jeggings for women

Jade Jegging - Knight Prints

jeggings for women

Ivy Jegging - Legacy Tricotine

skinny jeans for women

Jade Jegging - Paramount Knit

womens fall pants

Tabatha Jegging - Paramount Knit


Cuffed Jackets. These jackets are versatile, fun and come in a variety of styles. A solid colored cuffed jacket can help create the ideal layered look, allowing you to mix different styles, prints and patterns. These jackets are also a great choice due to functionality – they will protect from blistery weather. 

 womens jean jacet                  

Shakira features 4 pockets, button front closure, sleeves with button cuffs, and seaming details that shape the figure and add interest to the silhouette. Price: $246, View item


All-Grey Everything. Grey is the new black this fall. All-grey monochromatic pieces are a top choice for the trendy fashionista. These pieces can be matched with a wide array of colors and prints to create a simplistic, yet fashionable fall look. Popular items include form-fitted jackets  and stylish jeggings like our Ivy Jegging – Princess Stretch.


Florals and Block Prints. While the color grey is all-the-rage right now, this fall there will be a resurgence of floral and block prints. It’s like springtime in the fall. Though seen as a bit atypical for the fall, floral and block prints can be seen on the runway this year. Expect to see many variations of bold floral tops and jackets paired with solid pants, jeggings, and skirts this season. Floral prints are also in high demand. They can be paired with solid tops for a chic, colorful look, similar to our Jillian Skirt or Jade Jegging in Knight Prints.

 womens jeggings            jeggings for women


All the Shimmer. Gold, metallic, sequins. They are making a comeback. Shimmering tops and jackets, such as our Clara Shirt Jacket, will light up any room you walk into. These pieces can be paired with solid bottoms, such as classic trousers, skinny trousers, jeggings and pencil skirts.  

High-Waisted. High-waisted pants, jeans and skirts continue to gain popularity. This season, expect to see the trend go further. These pieces can be paired with form-fitted blouses and long sleeve body suits. Also, consider comfortable ballet flats or a pair of sexy heels.

Jezebelle Pant - Museum Check




Accessories Galore. This year the accessory trend is “go big or go home.” Oversized jewelry is all the rage. From large framed sunglasses, shoulder grabbing earrings and chunky rope necklaces – they are all in high demand and make a bold fashion statement. These pieces are ideal when creating an outfit that is unique and modern. Additionally, skinny scarfs can be added to your fall wardrobe. These scarves can be worn to help jazz up a minimalist look.   

Visit our collection of transitional styles from summer to fall and find your next piece of wardrobe!

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