How To Dress Trendy This Holiday Season


With the holidays approaching fast, it is especially important to dazzle, no matter what you are wearing. Outfits for your annual holiday parties are perhaps the most important ones you are going to choose all year. After all, whether we’re talking about Christmas or New Year’s, it’s a special occasion, and you like to dress the part. But is it easy to put together a look? It has to be festive, but not over the top, elegant, but not too stodgy, and trendy, without looking like you’re trying to recapture your teenage years of bad fashion choices. So, here is how you can dress trendy, but classy, this holiday season.

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The Little Black Dress

Just when you think that there is nothing more to squeeze out of it, the little black dress will surprise you! A simple, basic black dress in a flattering cut, like our Rebecca Sheath Dress can be dressed up or down with the appropriate accessories. A sparkly cashmere wrap, for example, is the “It” accessory for this season, and it will elevate a simple black dress. Another good idea is to go for a statement necklace. Think Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.


Shimmer, shimmer, shimmer

    At what other time can you get away with as much sparkle as you can around the holidays? Never! That’s why you should take advantage and bust out your favorite shimmery pieces. They are festive and will make the statement you are looking for. Our Celeste Cardigan in shimmer twill fabric is both gorgeous and versatile, and adds that flare to your outfit. Wear one piece as an accent, or match with a pair of pants in the same fabric, like the Jerry Pant that comes in both white and gold shimmer.

    Professionally Stylish

    The androgynous look is hotter than ever, and you know what that means: jumpsuits, pantsuits and even tuxedos – all worn by women – are in style. If your goal is to be the trendiest guest at the office Christmas party, your best bet is definitely going for a classic elegant look with a versatile outfit. An ivory, or winter white pantsuit is modern, stylish and festive. Especially if you are looking to avoid the Christmas tree look you accidentally end up with by pairing red and green, ivory is the ideal compromise. It’s elegant, but still festive and it’s different, without being ridiculous. Put together the perfect glamorous power suit with the Jezebelle pant and our timeless Oprah Car Coat from Peace of Cloth.

    Festive, not over-the-top

    One mistake many people make is that they go all-out with the festive attire. The truth is, you don’t have to wear in-your-face colors and garments; just one or the other will suffice. Going back to the previous point about colors – a good compromise between glamour, festive spirit, elegance, and trends is to opt for a festive jacket. You can opt for a beautiful distinct pattern with a touch of sparkle like our Oprah Car Coat in multicolored Duchess Tweed or our Shakira Jean Jacket that is sure to turn heads. It adds just enough sparkle to make the outfit stand out, but it doesn’t make the mistake of falling into “too much” territory. Pairs perfect with a basic black or navy top and matching pants.

    Subtle leather

    Another way in which you can be trendy, but in a subtle way, is to play with texture. Faux leather is incredibly fashionable for the winter season, but somehow it doesn’t seem very festive, does it? Why not try our Ramy Skirt? It’s simple and elegant, but the subtle faux leather detail on the sides turns it into a must-have piece for the season. Dress it up with a killer pair of strappy heels or dress it down with some ankle boots. However you choose to wear it, it’s going to be the perfect choice for a blend of classic and modern.

    In conclusion, dressing trendy for the holidays is not as difficult as it seems. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the trends. Play around with what you like and what suits you and always make sure that you feel comfortable and confident. As long as you select something appropriate for your venue and personal style, you can mix and match and be trendy, while still remaining classy.


    Happy holidays from Peace Of Cloth!


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