Panticular Pants / Garfield & Marks

Looking for Panticular Pants?

"Panticular" is the former brand name of Peace of Cloth. 

The "Panticular" label does not specify any particular style or fabrication. To find out the style and fabrication of your pant, please look inside for the white care label, located a few inches down from the waist on the left-hand side.

On that label, you will find care instructions, an RN# and a Style#. Please note that the RN# will not specify any information about the garment. Only the Style# will provide the information needed to identify style and fabrication.

Many "Panticular" styles are still being produced under the Peace of Cloth label, or have current substitutions that are comparable.

To find the pant you are looking for, please enter the Style# (without any dashes or spaces) into the search box on the top right-hand side of our website. If your search does not yield any results, please contact us with the Style# and we can help you find the item closest to what you are looking for.


Looking for Garfield & Marks?

Peace of Cloth was born from the popular clothing line Garfield & Marks. Our current products are based on the same fit, but with updated fabrics and more modernized styles.